Against new Superman movie?


If you are like me, you are tired of the quality of movies lately. Now, I don't mean the quality of the special effects or camera angles or sound. I mean the storylines and the quality of actors and actresses. A movie studio seems to know that it can put out complete trash and people will still watch it because it has so and so in it or it has great special effects. This is seen quite clear in the upcoming Superman movie. The special effects will be cool but the storyline and the cast (hint hint) is absolutely ridiculous.

Now, the question comes to mind. Why would movie studios want to come out with bad movies? Well, why would they take the extra time and effort to come out with great storylines and actually listen to the opinions of the fans when they can come out with garbage and we will plop down bick bucks to watch?

So, what do we do I am bound by my obsessive need to see the next Superman movie. I will have to feed this need by seeing the movie.

I would love it if I could get everyone to just stop watching movies until movie makers come out with something original and thought provoking but I cannot even ask that of myself. We can however choose where and when we watch these movies. What am I suggesting? I am suggesting we no longer pay full price for garbage. I am asking we start with the upcoming Superman movie. There are three ways to support better movies down the road. Take the "Pledge".

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